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Over the past twenty years, Mr. Badger has counseled his clients through scores of divorces.  He strongly believes that when these disputes involve the custody, care and support for vulnerable children, there is something much more important at stake than mere money.  Mr. Badger also takes great pride in having represented dozens of children in his role as a court-appointed guardian ad litem, where he served as the eyes and ears of the court, conducting investigations and making recommendations to the court of outcomes that served the best interests of the child. These cases often required him to protect children from threats relating to abuse, neglect, addictions, and worse.  Due to the nature of these disputes, the identity of the parties remains confidential.

The effects of your divorce will be long lasting.  You and your loved ones deserve an attorney who is detail oriented, who will listen carefully to you about your needs and the outcome you deserve, and who will discuss with you options to best resolve this dispute, whether through, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. You and your family deserve nothing less.

We will team with you to find an efficient and effective path that protects the best interests of you and your loved ones.  You will get through this.  Give us a call to discuss your needs, and a way forward.  We are experienced, aggressive, and on your side.

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Family Law and Special Education Advocacy


We are experienced and aggressive litigators who are fully capable of resolving complex disputes from beginning to end without extensive client involvement.  But this is not our preferred approach.

Our logo represents the link we share with our clients that allows us to understand their needs and to accomplish their goals.  We recognize that our clients have diverse needs.

Your legal needs are unique.  We believe it is critical to inform you about the law and your choices, so that you can make informed choices about the important strategic issues that will affect your life long after our representation has ended.  We are experienced counsellors at law who take pride in our ability to manage procedural matters and provide legal advice.  We inform our clients about the law, the procedures, and the customs and practices of the courts and judges before them. 

But, more important than our ability to advocate, is our eagerness to listen.  When it comes to legal advice, one size does not fit all.  You have been embroiled with your dispute long before contacting us and know a great many things about it that we do not, so, your definition of success dictates the direction that we will take.  Because, we believe that after we have provided you with the knowledge necessary for you to make informed decisions, you should be the person who chooses how and on what terms your dispute is resolved.


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