Why You Should Hire Us


Special Education Advocacy and Family Law

We know it can be difficult to choose the right lawyers.  So, why should you choose us?  We have provided our clients with a superior product for over 20 years.  We know the law.   We know the custom and practices in our courts, the judges and their staffs, and we have the experience you need to help you resolve your dispute.  But what really sets us apart is how highly we value the privilege of meeting the good people of Massachusetts and helping them solve the problems they entrust to us. Our appreciation of this opportunity requires us to listen to our clients, respond to their needs, and tailor unique solutions to our clients’ family and special education disputes.  It is what we do every day.

We believe that is something special.  And we believe that is why you should call us.

We offer evening and weekend appointments to accommodate your schedule and we always include a free initial telephone consultation.

What You Can Expect From Us


When we work for you, you can expect certain things.  You have a right to expect us to handle your matter competently.  While we do not know all the answers, we know how to find them, and we will devote the attention to your matter that it deserves.  


You have the right to expect that our communications are confidential.  We will not discuss your private business with anyone outside of the firm who is not part of your team…Your documents will be kept private, as permitted by the law, or by court rules.


We will keep you informed of your case, and answer your questions promptly.  We will not sit on bad news.  You can expect us to tell you the truth and to handle your funds of yours in a trustworthy manner.


We will not have any conflicts of interest that cause our loyalty to be divided between you and another person with an interest in your matter.


What We Ask of You

In order to serve you effectively, we expect certain things of you.


You should communicate with us fully and provide us with all information about your case, especially bad news.  Experience has taught us time and time again that when clients tell us the difficult facts, we can minimize the harmful effect they may have on the outcome.  If, on the other hand, we find out about these facts from the opposing lawyer or, even worse, in open court, it becomes much more difficult for us to protect you.  Remember that our conversations are confidential, and that we are here to serve you.


Your role in your dispute is critical to the outcome.  We expect you to cooperate fully in your case.  We are a team.  Few things feel better to us than providing a good result for the clients who trust us with their problems.  Gather the documents we request, tell us what happened, gather names and addresses of witnesses, and try to follow our instructions and advice.  The best results usually go to clients who communicate freely and cooperate fully with their lawyers. 

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